Contributing Authors On has a small staff of CRNAs, including our co-founding member, who are regular contributors to However, we do accept and encourage, interested CRNAs to submit articles for review to Your voice and opinion is important to us, as well as the CRNA community as a whole.

In order to keep a highly respected source of credible news and information for the Nurse Anesthesia community, we do have a set of general guidelines we follow, when considering content for publication on It should be noted that just because you meet our general guidelines for contributing authorship, it does not guarantee that your article would be published on We must maintain the best interest of at all times, and for various reasons, we may choose to not publish your article.

1. We only accept articles for consideration from Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. In some cases we may consider a submission from an SRNA, if it is relevant to the article (i.e. Tips To Get Through Your First Year Of CRNA School).

2. We only accept articles on topics related to the field of Nurse Anesthesia.

3. Though contributing authors may choose be published on anonymously, you must be willing to have your identity verified by a member of staff. This can mean providing us with information used to verify your current employment, and participating in a Google Hangout or Skype chat with us.

4. We do not consider articles that solely promote a business opportunity, a company or organization, or that are written for the purpose of gaining SEO to your website or blog.

5. We do not provide compensation for any articles from contributing authors.

6. If you are submitting an article for consideration, it should be because you are passionate about the topic you have written about, and would like to share it with your peers in the Nurse Anesthesia community. If you have written the article for any other purpose, there is a high probability it will not be considered for publication on

7. Only serious, legitimate inquiry's will receive a response. If a member of our staff has not contacted you after your article submission, it is because the article did not meet our publishing criteria.

If you believe you have an article that we may be interested in publishing on, please submit it by clicking here.

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