Discussion Rules & FAQs

Who Can Join The Disscusssion?

TheCRNA.com Discussion Forums provide an anonymous way for CRNAs and SRNAs to communicate and share. While there is a forum open to those interested in the field of Nurse Anesthesia, keep in mind these are CRNA-based forums only.

The Zero Tolerance Policy

TheCRNA.com Discussion Forums have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of other members and spaming the forums. Our Forum Admins carefully monitor all forum activity, and anyone in violation of the above offenses will have their membership deleted immediately and their ip banned.

Sharing Personal Information

We highly suggest that our members never give out any personal information in the Discussion Forums. Theses are anonymous Forums for discussion of CRNA related topics only. These Forums are not intended to facilitate networking opportunities.

Why Can't I upload A Profile Image Or Information?

The anonymous nature of our Forums are meant to provide security and privacy protection for CRNAs and SRNAs. We are not a social media or networking site. We want our members to have a safe, secure online environment, where they can feel comfortable discussing all CRNA-related issues, including political and work-related issues, without having to attach any personal information.

Where Are The Forums For Anesthesiologists or AAs?

We are a site for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists only. We do not offer Forums for Anesthesiologists or their assistants.

Why Am I Banned?

You have been banned by our Admins for doing one or a combination of the following: harassing other forum members, soliciting sales for your product or service (spaming), or using the Forums to promote your site, service or product (also spaming). If you believe you have been falsely flagged and banned, you can contact us, however we have a zero tolerance policy for all of the above. We believe our Discussion Forum rules are upfront, fair, and common sense, and therefore we do not give out warnings or second chances.

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