Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia

Degree Type

Master of Science, with a focus in Nurse Anesthesia, DNAP

Program Length

28 months, full time

Credit Hours

190 quarter hours

Starting Month


Application Deadline


Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required.

A Current Nursing License.

A minimum of one year experience beyond orientation in an adult acute care area as a Registered Nurse within the last three years. This experience must be completed by the time of enrollment. Highest priority is given to applicants who have the most recent work in high acuity, large hospital ICU/CCU settings where a broad base of invasive hemodynamic monitoring experience, management of ventilated patients, and administration of frequently-titrated vasoactive drugs in the care of adult patients are likely. Examples of acceptable critical care experience include: Surgical ICU, Neuro ICU, Cardio Vascular ICU, Coronary Care Unit, and Trauma. ER experience will only be considered if the candidate can demonstrate he frequently cares for a patient for an extended period of each shift with invasive monitors in this setting.

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 and cumulative science degree of 3.0.

GRE required if no previous Masters or Doctoral Degree is held.

Required Certifications: ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and CCRN is recommended.

Must have 1 semester of General Chemistry, and a minimum 3 hour credit course covering biochemistry and organic chemistry is required.


ph: (615) 732-7662
email: info@mtsa.edu
web: www.mtsa.edu