US Army Nursing Anesthesia Program

Degree Type

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Program Length

36 months, full time

Credit Hours


Starting Month


Application Deadline


Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required.

Applicants (Active Duty, Reserve/Civilian, VA) must have at least one year of Critical Care Nursing. Examples include: Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, CCU, Neuro ICU, Trauma ICU, PICU, and NICU.

Attendance at USAGPAN will mean that you are (or will become) an Active Duty Commissioned Officer in the US Army, an Active Duty Commissioned Officer in the US Air Force, or a contracted VA employee. Each affiliation provides full pay, tuition, medical benefits, and vacation.

GPA of 3.0 and overall science GPA of 3.0

GRE within five years: Combined recommended score (verbal and quantitative) of at least 1000, on new version of GRE (297 any combination), plus score of 3.5 or higher on writing component.

CRNA Educational Requirements: Statistics, Biochemistry OR Organic Chemistry.

Additional Requirements for Civilian Reservists: All requirements for your active duty appointment must be completed prior to the date you enter active duty. At least one full year of acute care experience but critical care experience is preferred. You must meet the requirements for accession onto active duty as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (see your nearest health care recruiter to find out what these requirements are). If you don’t meet the requirements for active duty, you may fail to be accepted, even if you meet all of the requirements for admission into the anesthesia program.


ph: (210) 295-4769